'Valium Lover' - acrylic on pharmaceutical package 2014.
drugsontoastGreen Tea and LSD
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puroangelokoLosing all hope was freedom
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puroangelokoLosing all hope was freedom
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Im trying to remember who I was. I miss that summer. 2 years ago. It was wonderful. I evolve.. and change everytime. For the better often. Much stronger and much more fragile in some other way. And totally different. Im afraid of my future self. Afraid to give up, or even worse, become a shadow. Not being alive. Not feeling alive.

I felt dead for so many years. And when I finally got happy I thought that it would last for ever. Like a happy ending. So naive.


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gloomandhowitgetsthatway: I adore your about me and you are simply beautiful.

Thank you so much :)

Anonymous: Are you married or in a relationship ?

Yes, Im in a relationship :)


La Duchesse D’Abrantes et Le General Junot, by Marguerite Gerard, ca 1800
diaryofalandlockedmermaidDiary of a Landlocked Mermaid

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Leo Dicap didnt win any Oscar
I recently came back from my vaycay in Morocco
Russia attacking Ukraine
Netflix doesnt work



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